Friday, October 31, 2008

6 of 7...Park Fun and More Pumpkins?

South Weber held a mini carnival and pumpkin hunt so we set out for more pumpkins (since the ones from a week or so ago are no longer with us...RIP).

Mike, Josh and Will- monkeys will be monkeys.

Can't be fall unless leaves are falling right?

Soon after this picture, I needed a new camera.

Danielle spots the perfect pumpkin!

It was nice to get out of the house and enjoy the beautiful weather. Plus, who can beat free pumpkins (even if they are pink-as per William's request)?

5 of 7...Where A Kid Can Be A Kid...

For William's birthday, the family, along with our friends Mike and Dani went to Chucky Cheese for a little pizza, soda and FUN!

The only rat that I'll let the kids play with!

Chucky gave William a high five after learning who's birthday it was. The great thing was, thoughout the night, Chucky (in and out of costume) kept coming by and giving William more tickets and coins! What started off as a two hour outing...quickly turned into four hours! THANKS Chucky...really...thanks! :)

Hey...this is where a kid can be a kid right?

Joshua and William riding the virtual rollercoaster

Jared and Mike quickly found out the secret technique to winning lots of tickets... After watching another couple win hundreds upon hundreds of tickets...the boys went to town...

Jared showing off his high score...which just happened to be the new record for that day...After winning somewhere around 1500 tickets, Chucky was getting a little upset having to restock the tickets every 10 minutes.

We won a few tickets...

At first, the boys wanted to slowly spend 4000 tickets on little prizes...but luckily we were able to convince the boys in getting the pirate lego ship...which just happened to be on the highest shelf there... Winning a prize from the top shelf was a first as usually we are looking through the glass cabinet figuring out how to spend 100 tickets on candy and stickers.

Danielle was quite impressed with Jared and Mike's handy-work.

Giving my hero a kiss. I was so proud of my high scorer.

So wasn't William. :) (He dropped his ring somewhere).

Thursday, October 30, 2008

4 of 7...Trick or Treat

Here are some pictures of the family enjoying a "pre" holiday Halloween event at our church.

Gabe must have gotten the trick and Gracey with the treat?

William showing off his prize while wearing his "Fantastic Four" costume.

Joshua wondering who took all his candy...
The expression on this kid's face as well as the saying on the carton of milk say it all. Those who know...nobody gets between Jared and his milk.

Me...dressed in my "Mother of Fantastic Four" costume...

3 of 7...Pumpkins and Halloween Fun

A few blogs ago you may have read about our "Great Pumpkin" hunt...well on this night, we rolled up our sleeves (or in Joshua and William's case- shirts off) and carved us some jack-o-lanterns.

Here the boys are hard at work. Our neighbor, Mike joined in on the carving carnage.

William showing Dad how to connect the dots. Jared found the, "Advanced" carving design in which he found to be more than just a challenge. The next tree Jared decides to carve will be a real one using a chain saw... :)

William and his "pumpkin." It was actually very hard to carve seeing as how this guy was as solid as an Easter bunny chocolate.

Joshua did an awesome job carving his own pumpkin. It was quite a challenge for him as well, but as the pictures show below...his Alien and UFO design came out excellent.

The final products...from left to right...Jared's intricate tree design, Michael's 3d grumpy pumpking and Joshua's "Beam me up Scotty" design.

We all had a great time and the best present of all was watching the boys find their inner "hunter and gather'er" while carving and wielding knives (kinda scary if you really think about it).

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

2 of 7... A day at the Salt Lake City Zoo

Here are my animals with the animals of the Salt Lake City Zoo.

We think William was more upset with the sign instead of hanging from the fence pole?

1 of 7...Babies!!!

Hello family and friends...I have many updates to...well...update you all on. So these will be short, sweet and to the point.
The first update is brought to you by the letter "B," for Bradshaw Babies. As you can see, the twins are growing up fast and each day brings along something new. During one of the weeks Jared was gone and Joshua was at school, I got to enjoy three happy campers.

Seriously, the boys have been great help with the twins. They love to be involved and I'm always catching them kissing the twins on the head and saying "I love you."

On the other hand, if I could only get the twins to be so cooperative. Here is Gabe giving his sister Gracey a left jab.

Gracey didn't quite like the love tap from her brother, so she was waiting for round two...

Here are some extra pictures for your enjoyment.

Monday, October 13, 2008

The Great Pumpkin

What a fantastic find today from my lovely friend Cyndi...while reasearching the internet for pumpkin patches, she came across this family owned farm that offers an outstanding deal. For 5 dollars a person, you can enjoy an awesome hayride along with picking a pumpkin of your choosing. Our neighbors, Mike and Dani came along for the ride, and for an easy 25 dollars, we all enjoyed a hay ride and picked out eight pumpkins. Yup...if you're counting at home...three adults and two children garnered EIGHT pumpkins... You may be asking yourself, how is this math possible? Well... one of the pumpkins was actually is a wanna-be watermelon and of course, that is the one William wanted. we have seven pumkins for 5 people. Where did these extra two pumpkins come from? The great pumpkin (Peanuts...Charlie Brown...anyone?) said the twins had to carve their own pumpkins right? So there you have it...two pumpkins for the twins...two pumpkins for the boys plus a fake watermelon and one pumpkin for each adult. Better than paying $.29 per pound at Wal-Mart for almost 64 pounds of pumpkin right?

Happy pre-Halloween...look forward to our next blog of the kids in their costumes.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

The Best Neighbors in the whole WOLRD

So...I just wanted to let everyone know how wonderful our neighbors are...

I don't want to brag...but..I will..

Aren't they just good look'n people?

P.S. (Britny...this is Mike...I hacked your account...)
Love You...GOODBYE!

Friday, October 3, 2008

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Thursday, October 2, 2008