Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Twins Update

Little Gracey
Little Gabe

These pics were taken today. The doctors keeps telling us that it looks worse than it is.
Gabe-Is fighting an infection of some kind which they believe is causing his respitory distress. He is on a ventilator to help him breathe easier while he heals. He also has an IV in the top of his head to give him the antibiotics. He has an NG tube in his nose to feed him and the rest of the wires are for monitoring. They put both him and Gracey on the lights for very low levels of jaundice. He has about five more days of antibiotics and hopefully he will show a huge improvement and be taken of the ventilators and start to nurse. They both have to be eating on their own and breathing on their own before coming home (hopefully we see no more than 2 weeks total in the NICU) but only time will tell.
Gracey-is doing much better than her brother. She was only on the ventilator for the first 12 hours and has been off ever since. She is on O2 and has a couple of days left of antibiotics. She just needs to keep he O2 levels up and start to eat and she would beat her brother home
Me-I tested positive to Strep Throat this afternoon and have to stay away from the NICU for at least 48 hours after starting the antibiotics. This is the worst timing and I am overwhelmingly heart broken about not seeing my babies everyday. Hopefully timing will be on our side and they will be able to try nursing when I am able to see them again. So Jared continues to go to the hospital for us both and my mom came tonight and was able to hold Gracey for the first time.
It has been an emotional few days and til our babies our home we will toss and turn at night, but we know that everything will be fine it's just a matter of when.
Thank you for everyone who has wished us well, included us in their prayers, came to visit, fed us, and helped with babysitting. We are very blessed. I will continue to keep everyone posted as best as I can.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Gabriel and Gracey

Gabriel Jared Bradshaw
Gracey Lynn Bradshaw
Britny is still in the hospital so I am trying to Blog. Gracey was born first on Aug 23 at 1:30 weighing in at 5lbs 12oz. Gabriel was six min later weighing 6lbs 3oz. They are both in the NICU right now. Gracey is improving rapidly. Gabe has been put back on the ventilater(sound it out if it doesn't make sence). So keep Gabe in your prayers. Britny is doing well and will be released monday. Thank you for all of the visits and help from friends and families. The triangle flavored cheese cake was great. We hope to have all of our family home together soon.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Joshua first "lil buck-a-roo" rodeo

Jared signed up Josh for the Lil Buck-a-roo Rodeo in Coalville to ride the sheep the other night and we all had a blast! Joshua, of course, had to look the part so we did the boots, hat and flannel shirt he was so cute. After I watch the first round I didn't want Josh to have anything to do with it. Kids were being tossed around all over the place and scared and crying when they were through! Josh still was all for it (thanks to his dad's encouragement) He tried three times the first two he was bucked off right away and the third he wouldn't let go for anything and went half way down the areana before falling off (only a hand full of kids went that far) He was such a trooper and had a ball. All three times he got up, brushed himself off and was ready for another go.

Finally a new camera and some new pics!!

No, Will does not have a black eye-he decided to put
on some of my mascara

Joshua currently plays Jr. Jazz and loves it!
My little ninja

Just some random pictures while trying to learn how to work the camera.