Monday, September 7, 2009

Look what Gracey found!!


Holy Cow-everything needs lock on it!!! Gracey learned that there are all kinds of treasures in the garbage can!!! (it's Cool Whip by the way)

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Moose Hunt Day 1

So yesterday Jared had his last day of fishing and today left for moose hunting (it is a rough life!) There may only be a day 1 of the moose hunt on the blog because Jared gets so wrapped up in the moment that he usually forgets to take any pictures. Jared, Garth (dad) and friend Dave Mastolier left today for their 2 week long dream moose hunt. Loaded with their Muddox and Argos, guns, ammo, tents, coolers, giant outhouse (that they built here, took apart and will rebuild there) and maybe a few changes of clothes they set off this morning for their 12 hour drive to...I guess I don't know...somewhere still in Alaska where Garth and Dave own 40 acres each with a small cabin for them to use for their (not Jared's) annual moose hunt.
I won't talk to them till they return so I pray that they are safe and that Jared is having the time of his life...cause he is going to owe me HUGE!!!!!

And of course I had to throw in a couple of baby pictures! The babies were being particularly quiet and when I went to go and see what they were up to...this is what I found!