Monday, February 18, 2008


Most of you heard,but for those who haven't - last Wednesday I went for my eight week appointment at the doctor nad learned that we are having twins!!!! No they do not run in the family! It was the last thing I expected to hear. Absolute shock is all I can say to descibe the way I reacted. Jared and Josh are thrilled! Will keeps quoting Shrek the third "babies extra poop and extra cry" Wise beyond his years that boy!! Anyways kind of a life changing week to say the least. Thanks for everyone's kind words of support.

Monday, February 4, 2008

Catching up!

It has been forever, I left my camera at my parents for the last month and blogging just isn't the same without it! I thought I would give everyone a brief update of our lives anyway:
My sister Jessica was married Jan 18th It was a beautiful wedding and Jessica looked amazing! Her and her now husband Royce were married in the Provo temple. My mom worked so hard for months and the wedding was perfect! They then left for their honeymoon-a ten day cruise in Mexico. It was so fun to catch up and see all of our friends and family that were able to attend!
We litterally have three feet of snow on the ground and its still coming down! When have had one storm after another for the past couple of weeks. Needless to say we haven't gone anywhere and we are all getting a little restless! We are actually suppose to see sun this weekend we are all very excited!
Last, but not least we learned this past month that we are expecting are third child September 22! Joshua is so excited-he wishes for a baby sister, but I'm pretty sure we just make little boys! William, of course, doesn't quite understand-he gets upset every time we tell him that their is a baby in my tummy-pretty sure he thinks the only way I have a baby in my tummy is if I ate one!
Anyways, that is us - hopefully I get my camera soon!