Monday, December 29, 2008

Merry Christmas!!

These were taken two days before Christmas and something
tells me that Santa is also ready for the holidays to be over with!

Building the Ginger Bread Train


At some point during the day we all feel like this....

Mostly because of this!

Gracey is a little small for this, but she
absolutely loves it!

This is an older picture taken about a month and a half ago

This one is more recent-they change weekly!

Gabe smiling at Grandpa Paul

Gracey smiling for Grandma Blanche

My handsome big boy!

Beautiful in Red!!

Testing out the new Bumbo

Our "Alaska" Christmas Tree

We have had a crazy busy holiday!! I'm pretty sure that a slow relaxing holiday doesn't exsist, not in my world anyway! We spent Christmas this year in Heber at my parents. It was insain the amount of stuff we had to pack-you should have seen us! I offically need a bigger car!
William, Gabe and Gracey have all been quite sick. It seems like Will always sick all winter long the poor kid! Gabe and Gracey (who are now 4 months old!) have been quite sick for the last 2 weeks tested negative for RSV which was a relief. They are on antibiotics now so hopefully we start seeing some improvements soon! I thought Joshua had dodged the bullet until tonight when he started coughing. So I now offically have four sick kids and a husband who just left today for his week at work! Although were grateful to have him home for Christmas! Did I mention that today is our Anniversary? We have been married for eight wonderful years-I love you babe!
Sorry this is a brief update but I'm only typing with one hand on holding Gabe with the other! But i hope you enjoy the pics and so sorry that I didn't get out Christmas Cards this year...I'm sure you all understand! I hope everyone is enjoying the holidays and had a wonderful Christmas. Happy New Year!