Tuesday, August 7, 2012


During the month of May we went on our much anticipated trip to California for a magical week at Disneyland with the rest of the extended Bradshaw family.  What an absolutely incredible trip!!  We were there for three days of Disneyland/California Adventures, one day at Legoland, one day on the speed-track for serious go kart racing and one amazing day at New Port Beach.  The entire week was unforgettable.  Each day we were there when park opened and didn't leave til it closed.  We came home with shin splints, blisters, and sunburns and a grin from ear to ear!

I love this picture of the kids because the look on there faces described them much of the time....a tad overwhelmed.  They were such troopers.  We wanted them to see it all so we ran from one event to the next.  I swear they loved it and haven't stopped talking about everything they were able to do and see, but at the time it was a lot to take in all at once.

They were able to meet so many of their favorite Characters!

                                                        Josh checking out Snow White;-)


Josh fighting Darth Maul!

We enjoyed every minute with our cousins!

We ate a ridiculous amount of cotton candy!

The kids were brave and wanted to try every ride....until....we ruined them on 
The Hollywood Tower of Terror...

Do you see them all?  They are all there and even Josh is having a hard time looking brave.  Gabe, Gracey and William all were crying as we hurried them out of the building at the end of the ride.  I felt terrible, but we quickly redeemed ourselves with more cotton candy and....

Bug's Life in 4D

                                                                        Splash Pad

Test Driving

Jungle Safari's 

Gracey's mouth literally dropped open during the parade as the float of princesses came by.

And William literally fell asleep sitting up during the incredible World of Color water show....
we completely wore them out!


Then on to LEGOLAND!!

                                                      Mapping out their plan of attack!

Then our amazing last day at the beach!  My kids had never experienced a warm ocean beach.  When I told them that we were headed to the beach and Gracey then asked if I had brought her snowsuit!  I had to explain that the beaches in California were very different then the beaches in Alaska.

Gabe wanted to try the boogie board thingy....

...he hated it!

Wore out and so happy!

We couldn't be more grateful to Jared's parents for such a dream vacation that we will absolutely never forget!