Sunday, August 23, 2009


Our little babies turned 1 today! They are happy, healthy very different babies, with their own little individual personalities!
Gabriel is so pleasant and smiles a huge grin at everyone who looks at him! He has an endless appetite (as you can see)
Gracey has a lot more attitude and has to get to know you before there will be any smiling! She has an obvious soft spot for her daddy and lights up at the sound of his voice!
Both babies are crawling everywhere, pulling themselves up on the furniture, emptying every cupboard they can reach and digging in my diaper bag for cheerios when I am not looking. They can both clap their hands, wave bye bye and sign for "more".
It funny, they don't really interact with each other unless they are fighting over a toy. Only once have I seen them laughing at each other, but they follow each other everywhere. They are always side by side. If one crawls up on a stool so will they other. They are amazing to watch and I look forward to them actually interacting more and more with each other!
They love watching Josh and Will and giggle and laugh over everything they do! Oh and I can't forget that they give the BEST kisses!
The world of twins has been the hardest thing I have ever done. Each day is exhaughsting and full of new adventures and disasters! I can't tell you enough I grateful I am for everyone's love, support, prayers and hands on help I know that I couldn't not have done this without all of you!
I look forward to the next year or two of adventures, many laughs and many many tears (two 3 year olds, not really looking forward to, but we will cross that bridge when we get there)
We love you Gabriel and Gracey and couldn't imagine our lives without you
By the way we have flights home September 19 and plan on celebrating their 1st Birthday with all of you so plan on partying with the Bradshaw then!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Halibut Fishing

Thank you LaRae for letting us borrow Dil for a week that flew by too quickly! It was so wonderful to have the time with him and I am pretty sure he had a good time too!

Friday we all went Halibut fishing and pulled some crab pots!

Unforgettable moments with Grandpa Dil

William LOVED it!

Like father like son! Get him Josh!

Joshua's first Halibut

Pulling the crab pots

Amazing pictures of the bay once the fog settled in!

Gabe and Gracey would not stop eating the dirt and rocks!

Going fishing for Salmon in the Anchor River...well at least trying to!

Grandpa Dil Visits Alaska!

Lunch break

I love this picture of the two of them just "hanging out"

Grandpa Dil and little Loo

I think that this might be what Heaven looks like!

We are so excited to be spending our week with Grandpa Dil (my dad's dad) Dil arrived Tuesday evening and we have been filling the days with as much "Alaska stuff" as possible! On Wednesday we took him to the Anchor river and tried for some Salmon, but the river got really busy really fast and the babies had eaten enough rocks and dirt so we decided to call it a day and try somewhere else. Jared then took Dil and the boys out to the Homer reservoir to try again, didn't catch anything, but you sure couldn't complain about the weather or the beautiful sights especially the fog that settled over the ocean, amazing!
Thursday Jared took Dil out on a Halibut charter with 14 other customers! After fishing Dil took Jared and I to eat and the Land End and had an amazing kids free dinner, which is so rare and sooo wonderful, thank you so much Grandpa!

Friday has been exhausting! We took everyone on the boat to catch Dil some more fish (He claimed he need to go home with 160 pounds of fish and we were not going to disappoint him) So Jared and I loaded the boys, the twins, their car seats, life jackets, coats for all climates, cooler, drinks, diaper bag and bottles all on the boat and went Halibut fishing! It was wonderful! The babies slept and hung out in their car seats the entire 6 hour adventure! Joshua fished his heart out, we all did-yes, including me!

We learned that Joshua and Gracey get sea sick. Gracey would just smile at you, throw up, and then smile again-too cute. Josh was awesome he would fish, get sick over the rail, by then Jared would have the fish reeled in and Josh would beat the fish with a bat then sit and rest for a minute til he was ready to fish again! He threw up over half a dozen times then kept on fishing!

William tried to fish, but it is so hard that he soon lost interest and just hung out. The fish he found to be a little intimidating, but they are the same size he is so I don't blame him a bit!

We also pulled some crab pots on the way home! So in the end we ended up with 14 halibut, 6 "keeper" crabs and 4 exhausted children! What a fun thing to be able to do together-thanks Jared for working so hard today (I think he reeled in 10 of the 14 fish!)
Okay more picture to is taking way too long to upload them and I need to go to bed because it is clamming tomorrow!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Happy 7th Birthday Joshua!!!!

Joshua at 7 months (look familiar?)

Desitin diaper cream (Jared was babysitting)

Josh at 7 years old!

Uncle Wayne made him this fabulous cake!

Bukugan!! (Don't ask - I have know idea what it is, but he wanted it!)

These are his dollars from TWO visits from the tooth fairy!

Happy Birthday to my favorite 7 year old!!! We all love you so much! You light up our world everyday. Thanks for being you!