Friday, July 18, 2008

Jessica and Royce King Wedding Pictures (Finally!)

Since my camera is totally broken I thought I'd share some older pics.
These are from Jessica's wedding in January. The talented Angie took all these while on Video duty. I finally figured out how to download them to my computer so they could finally be posted! She was the most beautiful Bride!!
A Family Picture from Jessica's wedding
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Tuesday, July 1, 2008

So lately I have been lousy at updating this thing. I think it is the heat combined with this darn pregnancy that makes me feel a little less motivated this to do anything extra. We have been busy. Josh has been involved with a "Summer Fun" program that is six weeks long Mon-Thurs 9:00-12:00 he loves it and it is a nice break for me. This week we started swim lessons which both the boys are loving and it seems like we are some water park a couple times a week to survive our particularly hot weather. Jared is done in Wyoming for a little while and spends his days in SLC which means I get him home at night-every night!! This is his first week home which ended up being such a blessing because last night I had to go to the hosptial because of my contractions were only minutes apart. They ran all the tests and stopped the contractions I meet with the doc tomorrow to see what is going on til then nothing but rest so we will see what happens. I'm only 28 weeks so way to early for this kind of drama!! So that is a quick update.
Now I need your help-I'm taking a name pole, we can't agree on baby names so let me know which ones you like best

Maxwell and Madilyn (Max and Madi)
Austin and Audry
Ashton and Adilyn
Gabriel and Gracey (Gabe and Grace)

I do like the first names having the same letter as cheesy as it may seem