Wednesday, January 9, 2008


Will didn't know what to think at first, but he caught on!

Finally a chance to hit the slopes-our first time this year! Monday night Joshua, Will and I were joined by uncles Eli and Isaac and went to Wolf mountain for night skiing. It was a blast!! Jared didn't make it because of bad roads coming home from Wyoming. This was Joshua forth year on the mountain and Will's first! Unfortunatly Josh has only spent few days a year on the mountain, but loves it more every time. He goes, stops and turns all by himself and can't wait till he can go faster and faster like his uncles. I didn't know how will would like it, but he loved it! We would ride the lift to the top and then Uncle Eli skiied backwards with Will facing him. Will is very strong and could go on his own for a few feet and the Eli would catch him and hold on while they made slow turns down the hill. Anytime Eli stopped Will would say "GO!!" It was so fun watching the boys and their excitment. It was also a treat for me to ski again-it has been at least two years. We are excited for next monday when we will go again! Thanks Eli and Isaac for spending the time with them-they have the best skiers on the mountain to learn from!!