Wednesday, September 17, 2008

I'm sorry I am way behind in blogging-needless to say I have been very very busy. The babies are on a three hour schedule which is wonderful! They sleep together, stretch then poop together, then are changed together and then the task of nursing them together (yes-at the same time!) and then they sleep some more. I could not have survived the adjustment home if it weren't for my mother-in-law Rhonda. I am so grateful to her (who sadly left yesturday!) She cleaned, organized, cooked and got Josh off to school and of course helped with the babies. Rhonda, it was such a blessing to have you here. Thank you so much for everything!
Anyways we are all doing well and are excited about all the adventures that are to come with our family of six!!

My Babies

Three weeks old!!

Josh and Will get to hold baby brother and sister

Check out the matching grins!!
There were only a couple of times that we let the boys enter the NICU and see Gabe and Gracey, but they were never allowed to touch or hold the babies until they came home.

The NICU was definately a little overwhelming for them both. Will wouldn't say a whole lot. He would just say "Now I see my baby brother" and we would take him to see Gabe then he say "Now I see my baby sister" and we would take him to see Gracey. Joshua asked lots of questions and the nurses would answer every single one of them. Such precious moments.

They were both thrilled to have them both home and had the opportunity to hold them.

Together at Last!

In the NICU the babies were never together-too many tubes and monitors, so these are the first pics of them together!!

Going Home!

10 days after the babies were addimitted to the NICU they were released with a clean bill of health. The NICU is no place that you ever choose to be with your babies, but they were in some of the best care in the state and were in good hands.

Everyday we felt blessed by the love and support we felt from all our friends and family. Thank you for all those who visited, called, and emailed. And a huge thank you to my parents who watched over Will and Josh. Mom I loved you visited the babies when I could not-it meant the world to me!! Love you all!

My incredible mother-in-law arrived from Alaska they day the babies were being released and then stayed for two weeks!! These pics were taken the day we were able to take our precious babies home on September 2!!


These pictures were taken the day I was able to return and see the babies after being gone for three days with the strep throat.

Gracey was doing so well and only had the feeding tube in. Gabe was still on antibiotics, oxygen, and feeding tube, but was off of the ventilator which was a big deal. It was shortly after this day that Gabe had major improvements daily.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Gabe and Gracey are both home and we couldn't be more thrilled. They have been home just over a week and we are trying to adjust to live with four children.

Gabe had to continue lights for a couple of days at home, but no longer. He is not quite back up to his birth weight just yet is 6lbs and 1 0z so the doctor is watching him closely by checking his weight weekly-other than that he is doing great!

Gracey has had no problems. She is a heafty 5lbs 15 oz! Both babies are on a three to four hour schedule. They sleep then wake up together get changed and then eat together and go back to sleep.