Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Flaming Gorge Camping with Dad

Catching up with The Bradshaws

September- We have had so many adventures this summer! The boys just keep getting bigger and bigger so we are able to go and do so much with them! Joshua just turned five in August and started Kindergarten at the Thomas Edison Charter school. He loves it, but hates homework already. Joshua is so fun and full of energy he loves to swim, climb trees, jump on the trampoline and show everyone all his tricks, and his newest favorite thing is water skiing behind our new boat or doing 360's on the wake skate with his dad! Joshua is absolutely fearless and is up for anything which is scary in so many ways!!William will be two at the end of October and wants to do absolutely everything Josh does. He is also fearless and it's amazing we don't visit the ER on a regular basis! He also loves the boat rides and being pulled in the tube with his big brother. He is learning more and more words everyday - he calls Josh-Gosh, his blanket - B, mom-MMOOOOOOOMM! at the top of his lungs and every other mother figure is "mom" as well. His favorite word as we enter our "Two" stage in life is "NO!"Jared has fully recovered after having a grapefruit size tumor removed from his left shoulder, as we new he would. He is currently working as a project manager for Westates Construction. His days are long especially with is four hour commute to south SLC from Logan. We have just sold our house and are looking for something much closer to have him home a little more.Me? Well, I'm just trying to keep up with life as it is flying by so quickly! Currently I am consumed will looking for a new home and packing up this one while trying to keep up with my to very busy boys!