Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Twin Perks!

There was no way to fit the boys and the twins, the double stoller, extra large diaper bags, breast pumps, and who knows what else into my Ford Explorer so unfortunatly we had to upgrade to something larger and just a little more comfortable. We are excited about it and had to share, but we won't be visiting anyone anytime soon because I don't want to fuel up this thing!!!

Nascar-Here we are!!!

Jared has always been a fan of Nascar. Work gave use a couple of tickets so we set out for Vegas for the weekend. He was such a treat to have a weekend to ourselves-the boys stayed with there grandma in Heber. The race was a mad house they can seat something like 145,000 fans in the stands, but we had a great time and loved feeling the warmth of the sun again!