Tuesday, July 21, 2009


William wasn't sure what to think of it all...Josh loved it!

Jared and his deckhand Casey

Joshua throwing rocks

Jared's boat the "Sea Witch"

All in a days work! Jared is kind of loving his job these days. He enjoys fishing, being on the water, working with the customers and he LOVES the thrill when someone gets a big halibut on the end of their line and it is a fight to get it in! Last week they had an amazing catch! 3 over 100lbs and the rest were 50-90 lbs, all of them!!! This is a big deal when the average Halibut caught in the harbor is 15-25 lbs. One man threw back a 60 pounder, but it paid off when he reeled in one weighing 114 lbs!

They normally fillet their fish out on the boat, but they felt that this catch was worth showing off. So they brought them to the harbor, loaded them into totes, carried them up the ramp, hung them for pictures, loaded them into a truck, drove to some fillet tables, fillet the fish, loaded guts back into the truck, hulled the guts back down the ramp to his boat, and drove the boat out into the bay to discard them. Jared got home at about 10pm! Long long day, but worth it once during the season!

Okay so I have to mention the "Big Bummer" about this perfect fishing day...my dad and grandpa, who mentioned possibly coming out for a visit that week, would have been on the boat that day getting the catch of a life time!

Saturday, July 4, 2009

More June Adventures

On July 2nd we celebrated Jared's 30th Birthday!
A huge HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you babe from all of us! We love you so much!

We have had a busy June. Working hard and playing even harder! Here are some pictures of just some of our latest adventures

We all went to a friends house and shot clay pigeons in the backyard.
Here is Jared showing everyone how it is done

I may look the part...but I can't hit a thing!
Grandma Rhonda knows what she is doing
Grandpa Garth

Josh is has a perfect shot almost every time

William's first time...

Jared: "William can you see the target?"
William: "Yup"

Baby Clams

This month the Babies have been...
Giving big wet kisses
Trying to figure out who is boss...I think it is Gracey

Playing Peek-a-Boo

Getting all bundled up for trips in the stroller
Hanging out at the beach

Looking pretty...in her Gymboree

Crawling and scooting all over the place

Spending time outside
Pulling themselves up on everything and giving lots of attitude...yes already!

Experiencing a big swing for the first time-and loving it!

Enjoying the amazing sunshine!

Life is good we have no complaints. The fishing has finally picked up and Jared is working hard. No definite plans for the fall yet there are still lots of big decisions to be made.

We love and miss our family and friends back home in Utah, but for now we are where we need to be and making the most of this experience.

Sorry about the big gaps in the pictures - no idea how to fix it...Mike?