Sunday, March 8, 2009

So I hate that I have been so bad a blogging lately!! We have rented out our house and are currently at my partents. We fly out on March 26 to Homer Alaska where Jared is working as a Captain on a Halibut Charter for the summer. I promise I will start blogging again once we get settled.


Bundy Family said...

Good luck with everything. I hope you guys are safe and well in Alaska.

The Brown Family said...

Oh no! I can't believe you are leaving. I wish we had more time to get together. Let me know how things go.

annie said...

I miss you and your family soooo much!!! I'm so angry that I couldn't say goodbye to you as we were sick the flu and then I got laryngitis which didn't help when I wanted to give you a call because if I did then you would have thought my whispers were someone pranking you.

Anyway, I really am quit depressed that I can't come see you anymore.
Thanks for being such a wonderful friend to me and being so fun to talk with.

You have an amazing family and your children are soooo adorable! Alaska will be blessed because of you but you will be missed greatly here, have I said that already?? but it's true!

I can't wait to hear about your adventures in Alaska.

Love ya,

CKW said...

You better blog enough so that I get my Britny fix. I am still in denial that you are leaving and I think I hate alaska. First my wedding and now my first girl. what the heck??? Plus I just realized that your babies will be 1 by the time you come back (you are coming back...).

Mike Mike and Dan Dan Noodles said...

You guyz will be so sad when you have to leave me Gabe and Gracey. I'll be sure to update our blog so you can get fresh updates of how awesome your, er, my twins are.


Tammylulu said...

What is going on? Why are you moving? Its not for good--and that's why you're renting out the house?

We are all wondering here in Hyrum...ya'll are the movinest people.

michellejohnnie said...

I called your house so I could visit you and Kyla answered. She told me you were gone! I need to call you!

Royce and Jessica said...

Britny-- Did you make it? I don't have a phone right now. Love you. You need to update this! Your babies have changed so much!